Monkey 1,2,3 plus mum & dad

A bit about me and the family

Me - 
I'm a stay at home mum who is so often defined by just that. People always ask what you do for a job and the conversation usually ends when you say you are at home with the 3 kids. For most men this means I am at home with endless time to do whatever I want with my life such as watching t.v., catching up on the latest mags, having endless coffee dates with friends and just a lot of spare time. For all the home mums you will know that this is one of the most irritating assumptions on earth. We do in fact have a job. We are raising our children to be fine young adults that will one day be the leaders of this world, we are constantly answering questions, cleaning up after people, preparing the daily meals and generally having very small adult interaction. If by chance we do get to sit down and do something we enjoy it is usually well deserved and needed for us to remain a sane piece of humanity.

I enjoy music, crafts, cooking, reading and catching up with my close friends. I try to live a healthy lifestyle and partake in light exercise but you won't catch me out for a 15km run anytime. I am a strong christian undergoing the exciting but sometimes painful discovery into the women God has designed me to be.

Hubby - 
I love this man very much. He has supported me through a huge amount of ups and downs. I truly owe the women I am able to be to his constant love and support.

He is a mechanic who enjoys solving the problems that are associated with his job. He is always someone that people ask for help as he is willing to give his time to help others. He is a strong christian man who has values for bringing up his children. He, like me, is on the journey of discovering the man God truly created him to be.

He loves his sport whether playing or watching. Everything from hockey to rugby, motor sport to cricket and everything in-between. He is very social, unlike me, and has no problem launching himself into new groups and events. He is a very confident person and knows how to interact with a wide range of people. Our children look up to him as he is truly a good man and father.

Quack - 
He is 5 years old and in his first year of primary school. He is an extremely smart young man with a passion for learning. He is eager to absorb all the information you could ever tell him. He has an amazing memory and blows me away with his recollection of events from the time he was about 18 months old.

He looks up to his Dad so much that he aspires to be just like him. His interests are also sports with him playing his first year of school hockey currently. He is also a very multi-talented sportsman with great talent showing in soccer, rugby, hockey and cricket. He is a very mature 5 year old with most of his time spent acquiring new friends - who are always older than him. He has a very good heart and is generally pleased to be able to help someone out. I am so proud of him every single day and astonished by the mature young man he is becoming.

Jaybug - 
She is 3 years old and is a very determined girl. Once she has made up her mind nothing will change it. She is constantly talking and wanting to interact with people. She has no fear and her constant plasters and bruises show this. She is very social - just like her Dad. People are drawn to her enthusiastic presence and her love of life. She is friends with everyone and always wanting to help out. You will often find her wanting to help with the chores at home or with her kindy teachers helping them. She loves painting and colouring, dirt and sandpits, climbing and swinging, puzzles and reading and most of all she loves her brothers.

She tries my patience everyday but I know her determination will one day be something to admire. At the moment it is a test for her Mummy to learn how to best distract her away from her idea of right. I am so blessed every day to see how she helps others and her happy nature. I know she will one day make a fantastic Mum and I look forward to teaching her how as I learn myself.

Squeak - 
He is the newest addition to our family born Feb this year. He is changing everyday into his own little personality. He is 8 months and loves food. He will eat anything you give him. He is  crawling at the moment and pulling himself up on everything. I think I am expecting walking by Christmas. He is very happy with a huge grin to anyone who wants one. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. His eyes hold a depth I can't explain but it's like he already knows things.

He has the most beautiful red hair just like mine. I see him being a very active young man as he has so quickly learned to sit, roll and swing his body to get around. I love him so much and I know how lucky I have been to be blessed with a settled, contented wee man. God knew what was ahead for me when he sent me this child. On a bad day his eyes twinkle and lift my spirit. He is there with his smiles wanting nothing in return. He reminds me everyday that life is a gift.