Friday, December 24, 2010


Oh blog I do know it has been a long, long time. There is so much going on that I just don't know where to start or how to explain it all. All I know is I do miss you and I am sorry for all the time I have left you alone but things are a little (a lot really) messy at the moment. Life is very up and down, mostly down. I do hope to sit down and have a proper chat really soon. xxx

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My blog list........

IS GONE! It says that I currently am following NO blogs! What has happened??? Where are all my beloved blogs??

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Having Sew Much Fun

Over the weekend I had a bit of a crash into the gloomy pit. I think it was a combination of tiredness, sick children, my pnd support group coming up to its last session and Hubby having work for the last three weekends. I felt like my reserve tank had run out and I came to a screaming halt very quickly. Hubby was kind enough to see I was depleted and lacking any motivation what-so-ever. He took Monday off work to spend some time together - something that felt like forever since we had last. He took me out to lunch and then fabric shopping at Spotlight - the way to my blue heart that day!

I have found my delight lately in my sewing machine. Over the last few days I have whipped up a few things that I am quite proud of and also learned some new sewing techniques. I have found a quiet peace in the planning, cutting, pressing and sewing. So much so that I have left the housework to sew - which is so not me! I am thankful to have found a small pleasure in which I can thank my Creator for making me a creative person like Him.

This was my first project of the week. A top for Jaybug. It was very easy with four pieces all cut out the same then sewn together adding a bottom tie for some colour last.

I then moved on to the pair of pants I have been wanting to make that Brigitte put up on her blog from Kojo designs. Only thing was I can't find one of the Hubby's T-shirts to cut up so instead I made them out of a light cotton I picked up for $3 per/metre.

The fabric is so cute and makes an awesome pair of light summer weight pants for Squeak. And I was so impressed how super easy they were to make, using a pair of his pants as a pattern.

Mr summer no shirt!

So cute with your little arm rolls Squeak

Quack then decided he was being left out and wanted to know what I was going to make him. As I don't as yet have a pattern stash I decided to take a pair of his summer P.J.s and make him some from the same fabric I used for Squeak.
I am yet to make the matching button down shirt as this looks a little more complicated but I am slowing working up to it.

And my last item to brag is the one I have loved most. It is a very cute dressed I made from one of my Sew Hip mags. I learned how to cut fabric strips on the bias and make bias binding. I found this handy tip online of a great way to press your bias binding in half.

Pulling the fabric under a needle pushed through your ironing board cover.

And placing the iron next to the needle so as you pull it presses it.

I know some of you will have a bias tape maker but I thought this was a very cleaver D.I.Y option! And the dress is stunning. I am so proud of my learning in the last few weeks. Again it was made from clearance fabric but I think it is just stunning.

I am yet to have Jaybug to model it.

To begin with I was a little unsure of the colour combination. But I am pleased with the finished result.

Now the next big mission is funding this new found love of sewing. I am currently thinking about becoming a Tupperware demonstrator as this would serve me a least four purposes:
1. I could earn some extra money,
2. I get to have an excuse to go out (and somewhere to go),
3. Meeting new people,
4. And buying more Tupperware (probably my favourite reason).

So just wondering what other ways you use to fund your crafts, hobbies, obsessions??

Friday, November 12, 2010

Flowers filling my life

Yesterday I came across a really nice skirt pattern in one of my sew hip mags. I loved that it was a long skirt but not too long for my slightly short legs. I find that I really like the long skirts and dresses in the shops at the moment but they always leave me feeling afraid of tripping over their length. As my sewing adventure has just begun I thought I wouldn't get too optimistic and use the nice fabric I purchased the other day, instead I would use a floral sheet as a practice run. I finished it in about 2 hours and was really surprised by how easy it was. Simply three tubes each one slightly bigger than the last sewn together. As I am not practiced in gathering yet I used an easy trick shown in the mag to zig-zag stitch then thread a thicker thread through this and pull to gather. Then simply make sure the two tubes are the same size and machine stitch together. I also didn't have the elastic for the waist to made a simple draw-string version instead.

My sewn bo-ho skirt

I was so pleased with it that I will now make one for 'actual' bought fabric. But I also love the bo-ho look this one has too. So much so, that I am going to wear it today to Quack's school assembly - his class of five and six year old's are running it.

My amazing Hubby also surprised me yesterday with this beautiful, bright bunch of flowers. I am so proud of him for knowing exactly what I needed yesterday to lift my mood.

Much needed brightening flowers

So today I am filled with happiness due to the wonderful bunch of flowers sitting on the dining table and the ones wrapping my waist.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling A Crafty Pull

Recently I have begun to feel drawn to some of your awesome blogs which have shown some super cool works of craft. I love to see a project finished and it gives me the motivation to learn to do new things. I have been moaning to the Hubby lately about not having any interests outside the home and find it hard when he goes out as I feel I am always stuck here. But then I realised why can't I be happy and enjoy my time at home? And what better way to do it then getting crafty?

I was super inspired by this post to begin with from Brigitte's Stay at Home Mamma Blog. It got  me so excited I went out to our local Magazine Shack, which sells, buys and swaps magazines. I came home with a pile of Sew Hip Mags, which is a U.K. sewing magazine.

They contain super patterns and are anything from beginner to advance so anyone can find something in here. I found a pattern for a pillow case dress. All you did was cut the top off, cut out some arm holes, make a casing at the neck and thread it with a tie. Super simple!
I decorated with buttons too, to add colour.

Then in following with Brigitte's post I started to think what else I could use to make Jaybug a dress. I ended up pulling out some single sheets that we never use and made this dress.
Thanks to the beautiful Jaybug for her modeling 

Brigitte then posted these which have to be the super cutest pants I have ever seen and I am planning on raiding the hubby's T-shirt draw to make Squeak some. But on her post was also a link to where she got the pattern from and I have fallen in love with this blog - Kojodesigns.

I have also found some awesome patterns in my Sew Hip for some cute felt monster, some Chenille bunnies and some material dolls. Paisley Jade's post here is so cute with her little bunnies that I am going to make some bits and pieces for Christmas. Her awesome crochet - like this baseball cap are also inspiring me to learn to crochet. I also found these on Virginia blue's blog - aren't they cozy!

Tonight Quack has his first Fancy Dress Ball and the theme is Wild West Hootenanny. So I have been busy making Quack and Jaybug some vests and bandannas for there outfits. They are calling themselves Woody and Jessie!

As the vests are the first "real" pattern and item I have constructed I am so pleased with how well they turned out. I managed to buy 1 metre of the brown material for $3 from Spotlight and the red bandannas are a top of mine that was no longer needed by me. So now I am looking for my next project, as I have taken over the dining table!

And the only other thing more exciting than feeling crafty is that Squeak has learned to say Mum! Apart from babbling 'bubba' for the last couple of weeks, with no meaning, it is his first real word. So now when he wants something he just says Mum and I burst with joy every time.
Squeak with his first ever ice cream in a cone

Winning stuff/receiving parcels

I felt so extra special when I won the giveaway from Widge's Blog - My guide to survivng and enjoying life's mundane .

It was for an super cute clip from Little Molly Designs - little molly designs.
Check them out if you dare to fall in love with every item they have!

Even looking at the blog announcement I couldn't believe I had won - And the winner is......

And then the parcel arrived and it was even better as it also contained a little note, some scrapbooking pocket and 6 Ferrero Rocher! (which I got one of and Jaybug devoured the rest while I was busy, hence the reason why they are not pictured)

Thanks so much Widge! You made my day sparkle :) Oh and obviously Jaybug thinks you are pretty awesome too.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Dark shadow

How do you describe a feeling that leaves you numb and void?
A great hole of nothing,
That overwhelmingly becomes a canyon.
Assaulted by a dark predator,
Hiding in the shadows,
Waiting until I am distracted enough to not notice his subtle following and attachment.
I recognise the signs earlier now,
But it still doesn't help me kick this unwanted stranger back to where he came from.

I wish I could say I am stronger this time,
But the pain of disappointment, that this has happened again, strikes me hard.
What I do know is that I have a friend,
Who with His strength I will conquer this time.
I know I am held in His hand and am comforted by His words.

This time the darkness will not own me.
It will not play Russian roulette with my life.
I will learn to defeat you, dark unpleasant shadow,
Because even though you may take my emotions and my enjoyment for life,
You will never take my spirit.

I know even when I can't feel,
That there is someone who loved me enough to die for me.
And because of this I know I will have the life I dream of.

I know that I am loved.
I know that I am precious.
I know that I am worthy.

This time you will not fool me with your lies, dark shadow.
You may cover me in darkness,
But I know my Son is coming.
I have hope,
Hope for a life that is worth more than gold or diamonds.
I am and will overcome you, dark shadow,
For I carry the Light within.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Some days I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Some days my world is coloured.

Some days I find myself lost in grey.

Some days I feel like the world sparkles and I must have the magic shoes.

Some days I feel like some one is trying their best to take them away.

Some days I feel like I have a bunch of people around to support me.

Other days I feel all alone in this storm.

Some days I feel like some one is out to get me.

Some days I feel I have finally found the answers.

Then something or someone dashes my hopes and I find it wasn't what I expected.

But what I do know is that we are all in this together. All searching for something and together we can help make the journey a little easier.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moss Stitch Shoes

 The pattern recommend a lightweight yarn blend that is between a 4-ply and a double knitting weight. Approximately 107m/50g ball.

To fit ages                          3-6         9-12            12-18 months

Materials - one 50g ball of wool (above is description of wool)
                    Pair 2.75mm (UK 12/ US 2) knitting needles

Tension - 28 sts and 46 rows to 10cm/4in square over moss st on 2.75mm needles.

Abbreviations - alt = alternate  dec = decrease  foll = following  in =inch(es)
                           inc = increase one st by working into front and back of stitch
                           K(k) = knit P(p) = purl  rem = remain  st(s) = stitch(es)
                           tog = together.

Moss stitch - 1st row [K1, p1] to end
                       2nd row [P1, k1] to end
                       These two rows form moss st on an even number of sts

to make - With 2.75mm needles, cast on 22(26:30) sts.
                  Moss st 1 row
                 Work in moss st and inc one st at each end of the next and every foll
                 alt row until there are 32(38:44) sts, work all increase sts in moss st,
                 so keeping the continuity of the pattern.
                 Dec one st at each end of next and every foll alt row until
                 22(26:30) sts rem.
                 Shape heel
                 Next row Cast on 5(6:7) sts by cable method, moss st these 5(6:7) sts,
                 then moss st to end. 27(32:37) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row
                 Inc one st at end of next row and 4(5:6) foll alt rows. 32(38:44) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row.
                 Next row Cast off 20(22:24) sts, moss st to last st, inc in last st.
                 13(17:21) sts.
                 Moss st 10(14:18) rows.
                 Next row Work 2tog, moss st to end.
                 Next row Cast on 20(22:24) sts by cable method, moss st these
                 20(22:24) sts, then moss st to end. 32(38:44) sts.
                 Dec one st at beg of next and 4(5:6) foll alt rows. 27(32:37) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row.
                 Cast off.

To make up - Join back seam. Join upper to sole all around, easing in fullness at
                       toes. Turn through to right side.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lost in space

I sat down to write a moan about how I have been lost in the hospital system for the last two weeks. But after writing about 8 paragraphs and only being halfway through the first day, I decided that you all had plenty of other things and great posts to read/write. So the short version is I was in hospital with ?gallbladder, ?liver gone out of whack, ?gastritis, excruciating unexplained pain, idiot doctors who kept changing their minds, pain relief that was doing nothing for my pain and no rest thanks to 5 other people in my room with their visitors, snoring, sleep talking, nurses ect ect. I have had lots tests done and now have to wait until next Friday for an outpatient clinic for results. So I must say I would have rather been lost in space than ward 3!

My little Monkey #3 also had a small operation last Wednesday to bring down a testicle that hadn't descended on its own. I must say it was quite an experience in letting go, and putting your trust in someone other than his parents to care for him and keep him safe. The best part was how super cute he looked in his little hospital gown. He did amazingly well, instead it was me crying leaving the operating room! He hasn't been too phased by the whole process so I am glad we have had it done now, at eight months, when he is still soothed by cuddles and breast. Here are some pics from the day that make me so proud of my brave wee man.

Think the drugs were having an effect still!

You are so cute my little monkey xxx

I hope everyone else had a good few weeks and now I am taking the time to catch up on all the wonderful posts I have missed.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some great pick me up's

On Sunday I was stuck down with a horrible tummy bug. I woke up feeling a bit sick and with a headache. I got the Hubby to bring me some panadol and let him do the morning kid routine, before he headed out to watch car racing. By 10am I had my head either stuck in the toilet or a bowl. It wasn't pleasant at all. As the day progressed I started to feel worse and worse. I was cold, then I was hot, I was being sick all the time, my head hurt, my back hurt. I do not do vomiting and nausea well, it probably has something to do with suffering for months on end with Hyperemesis gravidarum - a severe form of morning sickness - with all three of my pregnancies. I had texted the Hubby a couple of times to let him know I was dying and even tried to ring him, where a lovely computerised voice told me he had temporarily disconnected his phone! It seems this is what XT tells you when I phone isn't in service.

When he eventually (it felt like forever to me who was dying) came home later in the afternoon he found me half dead on the couch and told me he hadn't  got my messages until he was heading back into civilisation - as racing was in the outback somewhere. He then took over the household as I had managed to put tea on in the crockpot earlier in the morning and get some washing hung out. I remained couch or bed ridden only moving to the bathroom to spew some more. Hubby then took yesterday off too to look after me and the kids as I was feeling completely wiped out from the 24 hour bug. The weird thing is I haven't been in contact with anyone with a bug and I got it not the kids? Usually a vomiting bug hits the kids but never comes near the adults in our house.

Today I am still lacking in appetite but am feeling loads better. I have a fun filled evening planned with some friends and I wasn't going to miss out on it for anything.

So here is what I have made for tonight:
Yummy carrot cake with cream cheese icing ( recipe added to what's cooking)

And I have also finish sewing up the first little knitted shoe I have been making. I decided to make them for a friends daughter who is always bright in clothing and attitude. They are just adorable!

If any one is keen for the pattern I can put it up for you, just leave me a comment and I will get it up :) They come in size 3-6, 9-12, & 12-18 months and are worked in one piece in moss stitch then you just sew up. Very quick and easy!

Glad to say we are finally enjoying week two of the holiday with some lovely spring weather. Saturday we managed to take the kids for a picnic lunch, last night was a beach walk before tea and tonight we are planning fish and chips at the beach. I love the warmth of the sun and how inspiring it is to get out and weed the garden, or mow the lawn, or wash the car. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine for the holidays?

Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy? Most likely.....

After a full on week of spring cleaning everything finally came crashing down on Saturday. It was perhaps that I had set myself a huge task for the day of sorting through the bedroom, mowing the lawns, the endless washing pile and sorting through some stuff in the shed. What happened next was I looked in the mirror and found this red cheeked, birdnest hair woman and I was like Oh Dear!

This was the beginning of the end. Next thing I know I am in a foul mood, storming around the house complaining about how awful I look and that I hate my hair and my skin. I have found since being on my anti-depressants that my skin is quite red and dry in patches. It's not over bad, it just annoys me some days.

I said something along the line to Hubby about being awful and hating my hair, where he tried to reassure me it was all fine. This made me madder, as I was certain I looked like a woman who had been lost in the bush for several weeks. I stomped off to my room and proceeded to cut all my hair off (this isn't quite as bad as it sounds as I have been known to cut my own hair often) to the shortest it has been in about 3 years. The Hubby came down to the room where I had disappeared, with a look of shock in his eyes said something about my hair being quite short. This made things worse! This is where the hiding under the covers of the bed and crying began, for about 45 minutes! Hubby kept asking what was wrong and eventually I managed to get out that I hated what I had just done to my hair.

Then he said well I better get ready to go out as we were heading to his mums for dinner. Oh crap! That's right, I had to go in public with this complete over-reaction that I had taken! I tried on a hat, putting it different ways. Truth is the hat looked worse than the cut. So I decided to just get over it and stop letting it ruin my night.

Next thing you know Mother in Law is complementing my cut. I thought maybe it's not so bad after all. Next day at church everyone who commented was lovely and it has now grown on me. I really like it and feel like its a good change for me. But am I crazy?? I still think yes. What kind of person reacts to bad hair by chopping it all off? I'm the only one I know. But we are meant to be individuals aren't we?

From this......

To this.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's wrong with me?

For the last few days I have been feeling super motivated and have been enjoying doing more than just the day to day housework. I feel inspired to wash my net curtains, scrub my window sills, put away all the clutter that has just been looming with no place to live, dust, rearrange the house, make new dinners, make play dough for the kids etc etc.

I really am beginning to wonder if I have caught something?? I do like things in their place and clean but not this bad lol. I have even organised a coffee morning at my house, I never do my house, always somewhere else!

But I must say it feels good and I feel better than I have in a long while. In the last 3 days I have forgotten to take my anti-depressants at breakfast and usually I can feel I haven't had them, but not in the last few days. I have had them when I remember but am starting to wonder if the other things i am putting in place to help me cope are actually starting to work. My goal was always to use the meds until I was ready to try natural instead, so maybe I'm heading for another goal soon? It really is amazing how as you achieve small steps you gain your confidence to try something else, and when you get knocked back it's not such a big deal.

The only grumble I have is the weather! Its either raining or too windy for washing. So not enjoying the inside drying racks taking up all my clutter-free, tidy space. Please spring bring us some nice sunshine soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A diamond in the rough, or the carpet, or the car, or the petrol station......

Five years ago this month my husband rang me at 4 am to tell me his Granddad has passed away. I was in Hamilton with my sister after the birth of her first baby. I had been intending to  be back in New Plymouth earlier as we had made plans to have dinner with Grandma and Granddad but my sister was struggling and I decided to stay a little longer. As soon as my husband called I packed up Monkey #1 and the car and headed straight home. Hubby had a very strong relationship with his Grandfather and I was so upset that I didn't make the dinner we had planned to have. But we never know what is going to happen.

That night after we left Grandma's and got monkey #1 to bed hubby disappeared to the bedroom. I went about brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. When I came into the room he was down on one knee, in his blue undies, with a ring box in hand. He said this wasn't the way he had planned but it was the right time. Of course I accepted and he later told me that he had discussed with his Granddad earlier in the week his thoughts on asking me to marry him and his Granddad was very supportive of the idea.

Yesterday after dropping monkey #1 to school and getting petrol I looked down at my engagement ring and the world stopped. I couldn't breath, my pulse raced, my head was spinning, I started to cry, "NO!" - my diamond was gone. The claws had obviously worn enough for the diamond to come loose. My husband and I started with very humble beginnings, with him purchasing a ring he could afford at the time. Unfortunately it wasn't very well made and the claws have become worn. It is going to cost more to fix the claws and replace the diamond than the original cost of the ring. Worst part is I loved the ring. My husband had spent his hard earned money and picked it just for me. Yesterday will now be known as the Day of Diamond Doom!

Now five years and three children later we really don't have the money to replace it. I have joked about going and buying a fake one for the time being as I feel bare with my simple wedding band. Hubby said he had thought yesterday on the way home from work to buy a packet of burger rings - oh how I love his humour! So for now I will just sit and stare at the empty claws in the ring box and dream of the day we can replace it. Funny thing is with the Christchurch earthquake we decided to get organised and get some contents insurance last week. I don't think it would look too good to ring and claim for an engagement ring a week later! So for now the burger rings it may be.

So for now I must concentrate on the things I do have and that I am grateful for; still having my husband five years later, three beautiful healthy children, food in our cupboards, a warm house with enough room, great family and friends. In this light I think I can find my diamond in the beauty of the things I have, not the one that has fallen out somewhere.

My husband finally got his tattoo this weekend too. One that he has thought up himself and means a lot to him. He has a friend he went to school with who has moved back to New Plymouth and opened a tattoo shop - Ink and Anchor tattoo artspace - Ink & Anchor Tattoo Artspace Facebook page
Paul did an amazing job of drawing up the Hubby's idea and the tattoo looks amazing.

My poor ring I promise to remember you when you are sitting in the draw and all the love and memories you hold will always be in my heart xx