Thursday, November 18, 2010

Having Sew Much Fun

Over the weekend I had a bit of a crash into the gloomy pit. I think it was a combination of tiredness, sick children, my pnd support group coming up to its last session and Hubby having work for the last three weekends. I felt like my reserve tank had run out and I came to a screaming halt very quickly. Hubby was kind enough to see I was depleted and lacking any motivation what-so-ever. He took Monday off work to spend some time together - something that felt like forever since we had last. He took me out to lunch and then fabric shopping at Spotlight - the way to my blue heart that day!

I have found my delight lately in my sewing machine. Over the last few days I have whipped up a few things that I am quite proud of and also learned some new sewing techniques. I have found a quiet peace in the planning, cutting, pressing and sewing. So much so that I have left the housework to sew - which is so not me! I am thankful to have found a small pleasure in which I can thank my Creator for making me a creative person like Him.

This was my first project of the week. A top for Jaybug. It was very easy with four pieces all cut out the same then sewn together adding a bottom tie for some colour last.

I then moved on to the pair of pants I have been wanting to make that Brigitte put up on her blog from Kojo designs. Only thing was I can't find one of the Hubby's T-shirts to cut up so instead I made them out of a light cotton I picked up for $3 per/metre.

The fabric is so cute and makes an awesome pair of light summer weight pants for Squeak. And I was so impressed how super easy they were to make, using a pair of his pants as a pattern.

Mr summer no shirt!

So cute with your little arm rolls Squeak

Quack then decided he was being left out and wanted to know what I was going to make him. As I don't as yet have a pattern stash I decided to take a pair of his summer P.J.s and make him some from the same fabric I used for Squeak.
I am yet to make the matching button down shirt as this looks a little more complicated but I am slowing working up to it.

And my last item to brag is the one I have loved most. It is a very cute dressed I made from one of my Sew Hip mags. I learned how to cut fabric strips on the bias and make bias binding. I found this handy tip online of a great way to press your bias binding in half.

Pulling the fabric under a needle pushed through your ironing board cover.

And placing the iron next to the needle so as you pull it presses it.

I know some of you will have a bias tape maker but I thought this was a very cleaver D.I.Y option! And the dress is stunning. I am so proud of my learning in the last few weeks. Again it was made from clearance fabric but I think it is just stunning.

I am yet to have Jaybug to model it.

To begin with I was a little unsure of the colour combination. But I am pleased with the finished result.

Now the next big mission is funding this new found love of sewing. I am currently thinking about becoming a Tupperware demonstrator as this would serve me a least four purposes:
1. I could earn some extra money,
2. I get to have an excuse to go out (and somewhere to go),
3. Meeting new people,
4. And buying more Tupperware (probably my favourite reason).

So just wondering what other ways you use to fund your crafts, hobbies, obsessions??


  1. Jess, you are really good! All of your creations look lovely!! :)

  2. sell your awesome creations!!!! open up your own felt shop. that last dress is totally adorable

  3. I love that dress Jess, it is lovely, you are very talented. I sell any old thing I can find on TM so I can get new stuff!

  4. How talented are you Jess?! LOVE the dress for Jaybug. The colours are wonderful and so "her".