Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

Some days I feel like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.

Some days my world is coloured.

Some days I find myself lost in grey.

Some days I feel like the world sparkles and I must have the magic shoes.

Some days I feel like some one is trying their best to take them away.

Some days I feel like I have a bunch of people around to support me.

Other days I feel all alone in this storm.

Some days I feel like some one is out to get me.

Some days I feel I have finally found the answers.

Then something or someone dashes my hopes and I find it wasn't what I expected.

But what I do know is that we are all in this together. All searching for something and together we can help make the journey a little easier.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Moss Stitch Shoes

 The pattern recommend a lightweight yarn blend that is between a 4-ply and a double knitting weight. Approximately 107m/50g ball.

To fit ages                          3-6         9-12            12-18 months

Materials - one 50g ball of wool (above is description of wool)
                    Pair 2.75mm (UK 12/ US 2) knitting needles

Tension - 28 sts and 46 rows to 10cm/4in square over moss st on 2.75mm needles.

Abbreviations - alt = alternate  dec = decrease  foll = following  in =inch(es)
                           inc = increase one st by working into front and back of stitch
                           K(k) = knit P(p) = purl  rem = remain  st(s) = stitch(es)
                           tog = together.

Moss stitch - 1st row [K1, p1] to end
                       2nd row [P1, k1] to end
                       These two rows form moss st on an even number of sts

to make - With 2.75mm needles, cast on 22(26:30) sts.
                  Moss st 1 row
                 Work in moss st and inc one st at each end of the next and every foll
                 alt row until there are 32(38:44) sts, work all increase sts in moss st,
                 so keeping the continuity of the pattern.
                 Dec one st at each end of next and every foll alt row until
                 22(26:30) sts rem.
                 Shape heel
                 Next row Cast on 5(6:7) sts by cable method, moss st these 5(6:7) sts,
                 then moss st to end. 27(32:37) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row
                 Inc one st at end of next row and 4(5:6) foll alt rows. 32(38:44) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row.
                 Next row Cast off 20(22:24) sts, moss st to last st, inc in last st.
                 13(17:21) sts.
                 Moss st 10(14:18) rows.
                 Next row Work 2tog, moss st to end.
                 Next row Cast on 20(22:24) sts by cable method, moss st these
                 20(22:24) sts, then moss st to end. 32(38:44) sts.
                 Dec one st at beg of next and 4(5:6) foll alt rows. 27(32:37) sts.
                 Moss st 1 row.
                 Cast off.

To make up - Join back seam. Join upper to sole all around, easing in fullness at
                       toes. Turn through to right side.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lost in space

I sat down to write a moan about how I have been lost in the hospital system for the last two weeks. But after writing about 8 paragraphs and only being halfway through the first day, I decided that you all had plenty of other things and great posts to read/write. So the short version is I was in hospital with ?gallbladder, ?liver gone out of whack, ?gastritis, excruciating unexplained pain, idiot doctors who kept changing their minds, pain relief that was doing nothing for my pain and no rest thanks to 5 other people in my room with their visitors, snoring, sleep talking, nurses ect ect. I have had lots tests done and now have to wait until next Friday for an outpatient clinic for results. So I must say I would have rather been lost in space than ward 3!

My little Monkey #3 also had a small operation last Wednesday to bring down a testicle that hadn't descended on its own. I must say it was quite an experience in letting go, and putting your trust in someone other than his parents to care for him and keep him safe. The best part was how super cute he looked in his little hospital gown. He did amazingly well, instead it was me crying leaving the operating room! He hasn't been too phased by the whole process so I am glad we have had it done now, at eight months, when he is still soothed by cuddles and breast. Here are some pics from the day that make me so proud of my brave wee man.

Think the drugs were having an effect still!

You are so cute my little monkey xxx

I hope everyone else had a good few weeks and now I am taking the time to catch up on all the wonderful posts I have missed.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some great pick me up's

On Sunday I was stuck down with a horrible tummy bug. I woke up feeling a bit sick and with a headache. I got the Hubby to bring me some panadol and let him do the morning kid routine, before he headed out to watch car racing. By 10am I had my head either stuck in the toilet or a bowl. It wasn't pleasant at all. As the day progressed I started to feel worse and worse. I was cold, then I was hot, I was being sick all the time, my head hurt, my back hurt. I do not do vomiting and nausea well, it probably has something to do with suffering for months on end with Hyperemesis gravidarum - a severe form of morning sickness - with all three of my pregnancies. I had texted the Hubby a couple of times to let him know I was dying and even tried to ring him, where a lovely computerised voice told me he had temporarily disconnected his phone! It seems this is what XT tells you when I phone isn't in service.

When he eventually (it felt like forever to me who was dying) came home later in the afternoon he found me half dead on the couch and told me he hadn't  got my messages until he was heading back into civilisation - as racing was in the outback somewhere. He then took over the household as I had managed to put tea on in the crockpot earlier in the morning and get some washing hung out. I remained couch or bed ridden only moving to the bathroom to spew some more. Hubby then took yesterday off too to look after me and the kids as I was feeling completely wiped out from the 24 hour bug. The weird thing is I haven't been in contact with anyone with a bug and I got it not the kids? Usually a vomiting bug hits the kids but never comes near the adults in our house.

Today I am still lacking in appetite but am feeling loads better. I have a fun filled evening planned with some friends and I wasn't going to miss out on it for anything.

So here is what I have made for tonight:
Yummy carrot cake with cream cheese icing ( recipe added to what's cooking)

And I have also finish sewing up the first little knitted shoe I have been making. I decided to make them for a friends daughter who is always bright in clothing and attitude. They are just adorable!

If any one is keen for the pattern I can put it up for you, just leave me a comment and I will get it up :) They come in size 3-6, 9-12, & 12-18 months and are worked in one piece in moss stitch then you just sew up. Very quick and easy!

Glad to say we are finally enjoying week two of the holiday with some lovely spring weather. Saturday we managed to take the kids for a picnic lunch, last night was a beach walk before tea and tonight we are planning fish and chips at the beach. I love the warmth of the sun and how inspiring it is to get out and weed the garden, or mow the lawn, or wash the car. Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful sunshine for the holidays?