Monday, October 18, 2010

Lost in space

I sat down to write a moan about how I have been lost in the hospital system for the last two weeks. But after writing about 8 paragraphs and only being halfway through the first day, I decided that you all had plenty of other things and great posts to read/write. So the short version is I was in hospital with ?gallbladder, ?liver gone out of whack, ?gastritis, excruciating unexplained pain, idiot doctors who kept changing their minds, pain relief that was doing nothing for my pain and no rest thanks to 5 other people in my room with their visitors, snoring, sleep talking, nurses ect ect. I have had lots tests done and now have to wait until next Friday for an outpatient clinic for results. So I must say I would have rather been lost in space than ward 3!

My little Monkey #3 also had a small operation last Wednesday to bring down a testicle that hadn't descended on its own. I must say it was quite an experience in letting go, and putting your trust in someone other than his parents to care for him and keep him safe. The best part was how super cute he looked in his little hospital gown. He did amazingly well, instead it was me crying leaving the operating room! He hasn't been too phased by the whole process so I am glad we have had it done now, at eight months, when he is still soothed by cuddles and breast. Here are some pics from the day that make me so proud of my brave wee man.

Think the drugs were having an effect still!

You are so cute my little monkey xxx

I hope everyone else had a good few weeks and now I am taking the time to catch up on all the wonderful posts I have missed.


  1. Oh Jess sorry to hear you haven't been well! Hope you are feeling on the mend?
    Your little man in the hospital is seriously CUTE! What a brave little guy! Must've been heart-wrenching for you to have to leave his side during the op but he looks to be recovering nicely which must put you at ease huh?
    Take care and rest up X

  2. What an ordeal for you. Glad you are all doing better now.

  3. Wow - what a busy time in the hospital! Your little guy is too cute. I've had to leave two of my girls in the operating room and always walk out with tears!