Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feeling A Crafty Pull

Recently I have begun to feel drawn to some of your awesome blogs which have shown some super cool works of craft. I love to see a project finished and it gives me the motivation to learn to do new things. I have been moaning to the Hubby lately about not having any interests outside the home and find it hard when he goes out as I feel I am always stuck here. But then I realised why can't I be happy and enjoy my time at home? And what better way to do it then getting crafty?

I was super inspired by this post to begin with from Brigitte's Stay at Home Mamma Blog. It got  me so excited I went out to our local Magazine Shack, which sells, buys and swaps magazines. I came home with a pile of Sew Hip Mags, which is a U.K. sewing magazine.

They contain super patterns and are anything from beginner to advance so anyone can find something in here. I found a pattern for a pillow case dress. All you did was cut the top off, cut out some arm holes, make a casing at the neck and thread it with a tie. Super simple!
I decorated with buttons too, to add colour.

Then in following with Brigitte's post I started to think what else I could use to make Jaybug a dress. I ended up pulling out some single sheets that we never use and made this dress.
Thanks to the beautiful Jaybug for her modeling 

Brigitte then posted these which have to be the super cutest pants I have ever seen and I am planning on raiding the hubby's T-shirt draw to make Squeak some. But on her post was also a link to where she got the pattern from and I have fallen in love with this blog - Kojodesigns.

I have also found some awesome patterns in my Sew Hip for some cute felt monster, some Chenille bunnies and some material dolls. Paisley Jade's post here is so cute with her little bunnies that I am going to make some bits and pieces for Christmas. Her awesome crochet - like this baseball cap are also inspiring me to learn to crochet. I also found these on Virginia blue's blog - aren't they cozy!

Tonight Quack has his first Fancy Dress Ball and the theme is Wild West Hootenanny. So I have been busy making Quack and Jaybug some vests and bandannas for there outfits. They are calling themselves Woody and Jessie!

As the vests are the first "real" pattern and item I have constructed I am so pleased with how well they turned out. I managed to buy 1 metre of the brown material for $3 from Spotlight and the red bandannas are a top of mine that was no longer needed by me. So now I am looking for my next project, as I have taken over the dining table!

And the only other thing more exciting than feeling crafty is that Squeak has learned to say Mum! Apart from babbling 'bubba' for the last couple of weeks, with no meaning, it is his first real word. So now when he wants something he just says Mum and I burst with joy every time.
Squeak with his first ever ice cream in a cone


  1. Sounds familiar! I also found myself unhappy with where I was in life and among other things decided to start crafting to try and fill the void. It is amazing how much gratification I am getting from completing each simple project and sharing them on my blog. I guess that the message is not to worry about creating perfection, but just to create and the results will improve with practise!
    Good luck with your crafting :-)

  2. what a score on the Sew Hip magazines!
    I find that crafting really helps my mood. I get into a zone while Im creating and it feels great.. definately needed in my life... now to find some more time to do it though.

  3. Great Stuff,

    Love the dress especially

  4. Oh I LOVE your sewing projects - well done!! Those vest and bandanna's are CUTE! And the pillowcase/sheet dresses are adorable! Love the button detail - Clever lady!
    The sewing/crafting bug is the kind of bug you WANT to linger huh? Sure helps with Christmas present ideas! I look forward to seeing what you come up with next! X

  5. You're doing a great job with all of you creating! <3