Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winning stuff/receiving parcels

I felt so extra special when I won the giveaway from Widge's Blog - My guide to survivng and enjoying life's mundane .

It was for an super cute clip from Little Molly Designs - little molly designs.
Check them out if you dare to fall in love with every item they have!

Even looking at the blog announcement I couldn't believe I had won - And the winner is......

And then the parcel arrived and it was even better as it also contained a little note, some scrapbooking pocket and 6 Ferrero Rocher! (which I got one of and Jaybug devoured the rest while I was busy, hence the reason why they are not pictured)

Thanks so much Widge! You made my day sparkle :) Oh and obviously Jaybug thinks you are pretty awesome too.

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