Friday, November 12, 2010

Flowers filling my life

Yesterday I came across a really nice skirt pattern in one of my sew hip mags. I loved that it was a long skirt but not too long for my slightly short legs. I find that I really like the long skirts and dresses in the shops at the moment but they always leave me feeling afraid of tripping over their length. As my sewing adventure has just begun I thought I wouldn't get too optimistic and use the nice fabric I purchased the other day, instead I would use a floral sheet as a practice run. I finished it in about 2 hours and was really surprised by how easy it was. Simply three tubes each one slightly bigger than the last sewn together. As I am not practiced in gathering yet I used an easy trick shown in the mag to zig-zag stitch then thread a thicker thread through this and pull to gather. Then simply make sure the two tubes are the same size and machine stitch together. I also didn't have the elastic for the waist to made a simple draw-string version instead.

My sewn bo-ho skirt

I was so pleased with it that I will now make one for 'actual' bought fabric. But I also love the bo-ho look this one has too. So much so, that I am going to wear it today to Quack's school assembly - his class of five and six year old's are running it.

My amazing Hubby also surprised me yesterday with this beautiful, bright bunch of flowers. I am so proud of him for knowing exactly what I needed yesterday to lift my mood.

Much needed brightening flowers

So today I am filled with happiness due to the wonderful bunch of flowers sitting on the dining table and the ones wrapping my waist.


  1. Wow, love your skirt, well done! Hope the assembley is wonderful. Love the flowers - how very, very wonderful of your hubbie! Enjoy a great weekend :)

  2. THanks for the sunshine in my life!! Beautiful was cloudy all the day long here..Love that skirt!!!


  3. I love your skirt!! I'm dying reading your last two posts, because I have been wanting to sew so bad. But I'm making myself wait until I get all of the house painting finished. The flowers your husband got for you are beautiful! :)

  4. Yay for flowers!! (the real and printed on fabric kind). LOVE that skirt - well done!!
    I look forward to seeing your 'actual bought fabric' one also X

  5. Yay for the great job on the skirt- love it! Yay for the amazing husband and flowers! xo