Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A diamond in the rough, or the carpet, or the car, or the petrol station......

Five years ago this month my husband rang me at 4 am to tell me his Granddad has passed away. I was in Hamilton with my sister after the birth of her first baby. I had been intending to  be back in New Plymouth earlier as we had made plans to have dinner with Grandma and Granddad but my sister was struggling and I decided to stay a little longer. As soon as my husband called I packed up Monkey #1 and the car and headed straight home. Hubby had a very strong relationship with his Grandfather and I was so upset that I didn't make the dinner we had planned to have. But we never know what is going to happen.

That night after we left Grandma's and got monkey #1 to bed hubby disappeared to the bedroom. I went about brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. When I came into the room he was down on one knee, in his blue undies, with a ring box in hand. He said this wasn't the way he had planned but it was the right time. Of course I accepted and he later told me that he had discussed with his Granddad earlier in the week his thoughts on asking me to marry him and his Granddad was very supportive of the idea.

Yesterday after dropping monkey #1 to school and getting petrol I looked down at my engagement ring and the world stopped. I couldn't breath, my pulse raced, my head was spinning, I started to cry, "NO!" - my diamond was gone. The claws had obviously worn enough for the diamond to come loose. My husband and I started with very humble beginnings, with him purchasing a ring he could afford at the time. Unfortunately it wasn't very well made and the claws have become worn. It is going to cost more to fix the claws and replace the diamond than the original cost of the ring. Worst part is I loved the ring. My husband had spent his hard earned money and picked it just for me. Yesterday will now be known as the Day of Diamond Doom!

Now five years and three children later we really don't have the money to replace it. I have joked about going and buying a fake one for the time being as I feel bare with my simple wedding band. Hubby said he had thought yesterday on the way home from work to buy a packet of burger rings - oh how I love his humour! So for now I will just sit and stare at the empty claws in the ring box and dream of the day we can replace it. Funny thing is with the Christchurch earthquake we decided to get organised and get some contents insurance last week. I don't think it would look too good to ring and claim for an engagement ring a week later! So for now the burger rings it may be.

So for now I must concentrate on the things I do have and that I am grateful for; still having my husband five years later, three beautiful healthy children, food in our cupboards, a warm house with enough room, great family and friends. In this light I think I can find my diamond in the beauty of the things I have, not the one that has fallen out somewhere.

My husband finally got his tattoo this weekend too. One that he has thought up himself and means a lot to him. He has a friend he went to school with who has moved back to New Plymouth and opened a tattoo shop - Ink and Anchor tattoo artspace - Ink & Anchor Tattoo Artspace Facebook page
Paul did an amazing job of drawing up the Hubby's idea and the tattoo looks amazing.

My poor ring I promise to remember you when you are sitting in the draw and all the love and memories you hold will always be in my heart xx


  1. Big hugs Jess. It can be so devastating to lose something so significant and precious, but I love what you have said about finding the diamond in the beauty of things you do have. Love those monkeys! x

  2. Oh no! My diamond has fallen out of my engagement ring twice now! The first time it was nowhere to be found and I too was devastated. Thankfully insurance paid for it to be replaced.. but only a few weeks later it fell out AGAIN!!! luckily I saw it ping across the room when I banged my hand on a dresser... I was so worried about it happening again I didnt wear my ring for a long time but decided it wasn't really any good just sitting in the drawer so popped it back on - but check it constantly!