Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I wish that every day was the 1st day of spring

What a beautiful warm sunny day, too bad it isn't going to last and the rain is getting ready to set in again. I had a really productive day with housework, catching up with friends and scrapbooking (I have added my 2 latest pages - Father & Big Sister - to my latest scraps).

I am so super excited Monkey #3 is so close to crawling. He actually took forward movements while on his knees this afternoon and I managed to catch some awesome pics.

Monkey #3's super cute pants are from his best little playmate 

And then trying to sit himself back up again

So all in all it was a warm (inside and out) spring day with lots to smile about. Now I am going to treat myself to an early night snuggled in bed with a book.


  1. Rockin those pants Monkey 3! Man I can't believe he is crawling, Pudge is doing the mean army crawl and pulled himself up for the first time yesterday, but he's gonna have to get his skates on to keep up with M3!!!

  2. What a great way to remember the start of Spring! So pleased you had a warm & sunny day, that you got to do some scrapbooking and even an early night to bed with a book - BLISS!!
    Hope there are many happy days ahead for you as the good times of summer get closer and closer X