Monday, September 27, 2010

Crazy? Most likely.....

After a full on week of spring cleaning everything finally came crashing down on Saturday. It was perhaps that I had set myself a huge task for the day of sorting through the bedroom, mowing the lawns, the endless washing pile and sorting through some stuff in the shed. What happened next was I looked in the mirror and found this red cheeked, birdnest hair woman and I was like Oh Dear!

This was the beginning of the end. Next thing I know I am in a foul mood, storming around the house complaining about how awful I look and that I hate my hair and my skin. I have found since being on my anti-depressants that my skin is quite red and dry in patches. It's not over bad, it just annoys me some days.

I said something along the line to Hubby about being awful and hating my hair, where he tried to reassure me it was all fine. This made me madder, as I was certain I looked like a woman who had been lost in the bush for several weeks. I stomped off to my room and proceeded to cut all my hair off (this isn't quite as bad as it sounds as I have been known to cut my own hair often) to the shortest it has been in about 3 years. The Hubby came down to the room where I had disappeared, with a look of shock in his eyes said something about my hair being quite short. This made things worse! This is where the hiding under the covers of the bed and crying began, for about 45 minutes! Hubby kept asking what was wrong and eventually I managed to get out that I hated what I had just done to my hair.

Then he said well I better get ready to go out as we were heading to his mums for dinner. Oh crap! That's right, I had to go in public with this complete over-reaction that I had taken! I tried on a hat, putting it different ways. Truth is the hat looked worse than the cut. So I decided to just get over it and stop letting it ruin my night.

Next thing you know Mother in Law is complementing my cut. I thought maybe it's not so bad after all. Next day at church everyone who commented was lovely and it has now grown on me. I really like it and feel like its a good change for me. But am I crazy?? I still think yes. What kind of person reacts to bad hair by chopping it all off? I'm the only one I know. But we are meant to be individuals aren't we?

From this......

To this.....


  1. There's a reason you got compliments - I think it looks fab! I've been known to cut my own hair (although it's pretty long) But I know all too well what it's like to look in the mirror and not like what you see - change is good. And if we all weren't crazy in our own quirky ways it would be a pretty boring world, wouldn't it?

  2. Nice work Jess! Your hair really does look great, it suits your face shape (did you realise that?) ;-)
    I'm ALWAYS cutting my hair when I have a bad hair day so, no, you're not crazy, but actually very talented to be able to do that and make it look so good!!

  3. Actually I think you can really carry this style off. When I go short I look ridiculous because I have a long face but this really suits you.

  4. From seeing it in person, I can totally reassure you that it looks fantastic! You always do. I have been tempted to cut my hair off in a fit of rage so many times, I've never actually done it though! ;)

  5. The new do looks so lovely on you!! It compliments your face so well!