Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I got a feeling.....

I have been feeling a little crafty lately but am trying to work out when and where to fit it in. My head is spinning with ideas and project that I want to make/create. I went fabric shopping the other day and came away with some bargins and the ideas are rolling around in my head non-stop. SO what's the hold up? Where do I find the space to get my craft on? I am in desperate need of my own space/corner/hideaway to craft in and I am stumped if I can think of how this is achievable in our little dwellings. So I will continue to mull over how to render this.

But in the mean time I have found some delight in couch sat crafts such as this little bunny amigurumi

We shall call her Milly. I need smaller saftey eyes but haven't been able to find any locally. I have an idea for her to be joined by some other little pals - I am currently working on a chick who shall be dubbed Rodger - and to make a mobile out of them for my sister Sha Sha who is due to have a little bubba in 6 weeks.

I am also throwing myself in the deep end with this embroidery project I stumbled across the other day. I fell in love with the idea and the fabrics on this blog post and am joining in the AugustStitchalong with this fat Quat I picked up at spotlight the other day. The idea is to stitch the fabric with your own personal take and cottons to make something more wonderful out of already great fabric.

I shall continue on my quest for craft domination while sitting at my pink couch and musing over ideas for where I can find my own little space in our house. I would love to know any ideas of where you find room or optimise space so that your craft creations can come to life, without having to lug everything out of cupboards, boxes, bag etc and then the task of putting it all away again :(


  1. Wow Jess, they sound like great craft idea - I know what you mean about needing your own space. I cant be bothered with the lugging either, and I get annoyed when its all over the dining table... Maybe some kind of wee desk where you could put things in drawers?

  2. Love the bunny! What a great idea for the mobile. All my stuff is in boxes unfortunately, so I'm no help with the where-to-craft dilemma...