Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A week in the life: Thursday and Friday

Here is Thursday and Friday of last week in my A week in the life record. If you have no idea what I am talking about check out here.

Thursday 28th July 2011 - (2nd week school holidays - Home in New Plymouth)

Mid morning - The kids are still eating breakfast and I'm still in my P.j.'s on my computer. The house is a tip and I have no energy or motivation to do anything about it. I hate coming home from holidays and coming back to the reality of running a household. My Dad also turned up at 10am and we were still lazing around - a little embarrassing!

Sponge - Quack loves learning. It's the school holidays but you still find him doing maths, writing stories, reading and soaking up all the information he can get his hands on. Seriously this child has a memory like a computer! He is very smart and we are very proud of him.

Wanted/Not wanted - Brotherly cuddles. Quack loves to get out a blankie and cuddle up with Squeak. Squeak isn't always so happy about it.

Afternoon playtime - Quack and Jaybug always play well together when they feel like it. Here they are busy car racing and wrestling on the rug. They are at an age where one minute they love each other, next they want to do their own thing. But as all play fights end........

Tears - As always someone ends up crying! It was actually both of them but when I got my camera out and told them I was going to take photo's of them crying for my blog they actually found it quite funny and the tears soon stopped.

Silly Antics - There is nothing better than a silly distraction to stop tears. Apparently the threat of posting photo's of these two crying becomes this silly behaviour!

Thursday Afternoon Shopping - As if my return home wasn't daunting enough, my washing machine had been broken for three weeks! Thank goodness for holidays and being away for almost two of those weeks. But needless to say, the return home is hard enough without mountains of dirty washing that can't be washed. After a bit of a melt down the Hubby and my Father came shopping with me for a new washing machine - 7.5kg, our old one was a 5kg!. I also managed to get a bread machine thrown into the deal.  I really enjoyed using Mum's bread machine while away.

Friday 29th July 2011 - (2nd week school holidays - Home in New Plymouth)

Cheerful Morning - Much better start than yesterday. Dishes done and breakfast at the dining table - says it all to a Mum with kids!

Helen this is what you need - I can make you one?
Barren Backyard - This is currently what our backyard looks like due to landscaping. It has been like this since Easter and I am starting to get a little frustrated with it. Dirt in the house, dirt for the kids to play in/on, dirt to look at.......

Our Mountain - The view of Mount Egmont from our backyard.

Boys Love Dirt - I hate dirt with a passion. I hate how it feels on my skin. I hate the way get get under my fingernails. I hate how it gets stomped into the carpet. But yet my boys still love it. I must say I'm glad my hate of dirt hasn't affected them enjoying normal boy stuff.

Chores and Cleaning up - Washing hung and time to head to the zoo to meet our coffee mums and kids. But first the kids need to clean all that dirt off before getting in the car. Outside tap and some shoe stomping does the trick.

Zoo Outing - We are truly blessed with our local Brooklands Zoo. Not only does it have monkeys, meerkats, otters, a free-flight bird aviary and lots more, but it has this amazing playground in the zoo grounds. Two big draw cards are that the zoo is free and that it has one entry/exit - meaning you can pretty much let your kids go for it while you sit and watch the whole area with one keen eye on the exit in case your little dear decides to choose a new family to go home with. This is a few of the shots I got while the kids played. I also have some great pics of all the kids we went with but am respecting them and there parents and not using them on my blog.

Afternoon Sunshine - With some sun finally showing its smiling face the kids made good use of it. One of Quacks friends came over for the afternoon and they enjoyed an afternoon outside with a tent fulled with toys.

Bathtime - Easy peasy. All three kidlets are still happy to all jump in the bath or shower together which makes the end of the day a little simpler. The only down side is sometimes the amount of fun they have which equals lots of water EVERYWHERE!

That's our Thursday and Friday. Hope to post the last three days of my week tomorrow. As for now it is 10.45pm and WAY passed my bedy byes time. Night all.


  1. Eeeep! YES PLEASE on the peg bag! I was just saying to Carl the other day that was exactly what I wanted! Great photos and overview of your days, I love seeing what you've been up to! It makes me miss you a little bit less! The dirt would be driving me crazy as well!

  2. Cool idea on the peg bag!! And great zoo - cant believe its free!