Friday, July 29, 2011

A week in the life: Wednesday

This is my second post for my "A week in the life". Refer to this post here if you want to know more about it.

Day 2: Wednesday 27th July 2011( 2nd week of school holidays, traveling Ruawai to New Plymouth)

Homeward bound 8am: Time to head home after a 12 day stay at Mum's. The kids are in and the car is packed to overflow. Bella thought she was coming too. Sadly we had to drag her out - yes drag, she was determined she was coming and got into the car three times before we managed to leave. The beginning of the 7 driving hour trip!

Breakfast: Yes I did say breakfast and yes they are chocolate and lolly covered gingerbread men.....
Zac has issues with car sickness and we have noticed it is worse in the morning if he has milk. So we left without eating and I stopped at the Wellsford Bakery and bought the kids a gingerbread man each. The lady was so lovely there, blue-eyed men for the boys and red-eyed man for Jaybug. And in my defense ginger does help with nausea!

Lunchtime: We stopped in the village of Pirongia for lunch. It was a small town and I spotted this little empty playground which was perfect for the kids to get out for a stretch. We had yoghurt, cheese slices and mandarins packed in the car for lunch. I was really impressed with Squeaks ability to get around the playground by himself. All the kids had lots of fun before bundling back into the car for the last 3 or so hours home.

Arrival Home 3.30pm: On arriving home I realised that I had no house keys! The Hubby had taken them off the keyring and taken the with him when he left Mum's to be with his family at a funeral. He was about half an hour behind us on his way home from Rotorua. So after failing to find a window to put Quack through to get us into the house, Squeak and I sat in the car listening to music, while Jaybug and Quack played outside. As you can see the outside play ended in tears and blood. Luckily Daddy arrived within 2 minutes of this happening!


  Dinnertime: After a long day traveling dinner was the last thing I felt like doing. So a trip to the supermarket was made to pick up milk. bread, coleslaw and a hot cooked chicken. The house was a mess, everyone was tired, but at least dinner was yum!


  1. Oh, poor Jaybug! Yeouch! Love the pics of Squeak's dirty bum. Don't you just love how kids will play on anything dirty/wet and have an amazing time. Well done you travelling for so long by yourself with the three of them - and no judgement on the gingerbread men! LOL :)

  2. Jess!
    I love this post! :)

    Sorry the giveaway is only for US/Cananda~ it was the book giveaway giver's requests! Wish I could send you a copy!! I read a small chapter each morning with my quiet time~ it's so encouraging! Hope you can grab a copy!