Friday, July 29, 2011

A week in the life: Wednesday

This is my second post for my "A week in the life". Refer to this post here if you want to know more about it.

Day 2: Wednesday 27th July 2011( 2nd week of school holidays, traveling Ruawai to New Plymouth)

Homeward bound 8am: Time to head home after a 12 day stay at Mum's. The kids are in and the car is packed to overflow. Bella thought she was coming too. Sadly we had to drag her out - yes drag, she was determined she was coming and got into the car three times before we managed to leave. The beginning of the 7 driving hour trip!

Breakfast: Yes I did say breakfast and yes they are chocolate and lolly covered gingerbread men.....
Zac has issues with car sickness and we have noticed it is worse in the morning if he has milk. So we left without eating and I stopped at the Wellsford Bakery and bought the kids a gingerbread man each. The lady was so lovely there, blue-eyed men for the boys and red-eyed man for Jaybug. And in my defense ginger does help with nausea!

Lunchtime: We stopped in the village of Pirongia for lunch. It was a small town and I spotted this little empty playground which was perfect for the kids to get out for a stretch. We had yoghurt, cheese slices and mandarins packed in the car for lunch. I was really impressed with Squeaks ability to get around the playground by himself. All the kids had lots of fun before bundling back into the car for the last 3 or so hours home.

Arrival Home 3.30pm: On arriving home I realised that I had no house keys! The Hubby had taken them off the keyring and taken the with him when he left Mum's to be with his family at a funeral. He was about half an hour behind us on his way home from Rotorua. So after failing to find a window to put Quack through to get us into the house, Squeak and I sat in the car listening to music, while Jaybug and Quack played outside. As you can see the outside play ended in tears and blood. Luckily Daddy arrived within 2 minutes of this happening!


  Dinnertime: After a long day traveling dinner was the last thing I felt like doing. So a trip to the supermarket was made to pick up milk. bread, coleslaw and a hot cooked chicken. The house was a mess, everyone was tired, but at least dinner was yum!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A week in the life

My dear friend Helen over at Onetrickpony has convinced me to join her in linking up with Ali Edwards in her yearly A Week in the Life project.  This is typically a recorded week you scrapbook to look back over a slice of daily life over a period of a week. This year Ali's week is 25th July - 31st July.  I am going to document this on my blog and then may scrapbook it too.

As usual I never know about any of the cool thing happening and always end up joining late once I see how fab Helen's posts are - Read hers here, which also has far more explanation of what this is all about. I feel like one of the kids at school who wants to be cool, but is never cool enough to have first hand info of what's happening, so I just tag along with a friend who is!

So my "A week in the life" is from Tuesday 26th to Monday 1st and yes I am late with getting around to putting my daily posts up too.

Day 1: Tuesday 26th July (2nd week of school holidays, Ruawai, NZ)

The wake up: Sleeping arrangements when we stay at Mum's. Jaybug refuses to sleep anywhere but  with Nana. After the Hubby left on Sunday to be with his family, due to the unexpected death of his cousin, I insisted Jaybug bunk in with me. Bad move! She mostly sleeps sideways, steals all the bankets and when you move her back to a 'proper' sleeping position she is back where she was in seconds. The boys have been sharing the other room where Quack sleeps o the top bunk and Squeak in the portacot.
Morning Doggy Excitement: Two dogs, Dash and Bella both ready to steal your attention first thing in the morning.

Breakfast time: Two for honey pops, one for toast and a shake for Mum. Squeak is going through a time of determined independence. 18 months old and wanting to do everything for himself and a tanty if anyone gets in his way of doing so. Jaybug think she is the second Mum and happily see's to guiding him when every she gets the chance.

Jaybug giving Squeak a lecture on how to and not eat breakfast.

Yep, he really is that cheeky

Last 3 pictured featured a conversation between Quack and Aunty Shaina.
Q: Mmmm Apricot jam! <takes a bite> YUCK! What is this?
S: Maramlade.
Q: I asked for apricot jam.
S. I thought maybe thats what you called marmalade.
Q. If I wanted marmalade that's what I would have said.
S. Sorry my bad. I wasn't really listening.
Q. It's bad alright, it makes my face do this (last picture). It's horrible and discusting and I don't want to ever try it again.

Getting dressed: As also happened here on holiday all my kids get dressed in the lounge everyday. It's like they are scared they might miss something in the 2 minutes it takes to get dressed!

My corner of things I want to do today: I am hoping to get some time to do some more of the granny square blanket I am working on for Jaybug and also some time to sit down and blog.

The adventure of hanging the washing: In Ruawai it appears everything has turned into some kind of swamp land over the last few weeks. The amount of rain falling has had no where to go but into the ground and as a result most of the town has backyards that look some what like my mothers. So in order to be able to do the washing requires one additional thing to at home - GUMBOOTS!
I also managed to show you around the yard (To show you the necessity for gumboots) and meet the chooks with Pops.

The muddy entrance says it all!

Squishy, slushy MUD

Chooks getting some Puha - a NZ prickle thistle that they love

Cleaning the gumboots afterwards!
 Sleep time for Squeak: While Squeak had a nap we chilled out in the lounge doing our own thing. Quack and Jaybug had a jam session, while I got started on some of my crochet. Until sleep time was over and Mr Bedhair started calling out.....


The photo does no justice to his cray bedhair

The appliances: I have fallen in love with Mum's breadmaker and her coffee plunger. We found this Edmonds bread mix in the supermarket which makes it even easier to throw in water, mix and yeast. And as for the coffee plunger, great tasting coffee, so much better than packet coffee and it's green! - my favourite colour.

Lunchtime: Cheerios, or as I call them little boys, with sauce for the kids. They also had yoghurts and sandwiches. Mum and I had Ryvita crispbread pumpkin seeds and oats, spread with Lisa's roasted eggplant and sundried tomato hummus and topped with sliced tomato - YUM!

 Afternoon walk with the dogs: Time for a doggy walk where we head down the road to Grandma and Granddad's. I left the kids and Dash with the Grands, while I carried on up the road for a 1km or so with a decent jog and my iPod. Time out, music and exercise all help my day go better and when put together its a real treat.

Dinner preparation: Bread all made while we were out for our walk and with left over casserole from the night before what better than making a pie!

Puppy outing: Friends of Mum's and Kev's have 11 four week old puppies that we thought we could take the kids to see while dinner cooked. So we all rugged up and headed for the farm. The puppies were adorable and jumped all over us. Lots of cuddles and loving licks in return.

Dinner Aftermath: I think the photo's speak for themselves! Nothing more to add.

End of the Day Antics: Silly kids, doing silly things.

Now Daddy can see how crazy our Tuesday was! 

If you are wanting a new challenge then maybe you might join in with your week too? Let me know if you do!

P.s. Sorry about the photo overload - Will try to decrease the number from now on!