Thursday, August 26, 2010

A blog in time

Well after what has been a lot of thought - mostly to talk myself out of it - I have decided that I will join the world of bloggers. For me this is a time to record the painstaking journey I find myself on at this stage of my life. I am currently a stay home mum of three and trying to find my peace with this. It has been something that has thrown me through a lot of up's and down's of late. How does one really come to grips and be happy being the taxi, maid, chef, nurse, babysitter, emotional minder of the household, wife, and still feel like a women who is sure and happy with her life?

I am currently in the recovery stage of some nasty PND (post-natal depression) and with the earthquake this has caused my life I am asking myself the hard questions:

Do I do something everyday that still makes me happy?
What are my goals for my life?
Do I let other people's expectations shape my decisions too much of what I choose?
Do I make my children feel emotionally supported?
Do I still smile at my husband everyday with the love that brought us together?
Am I processing my journey to find what I have learned and what I want to change?

The last question is what brings me here. I want a record for myself to see where I have been and how I got through. I want to see the development of myself when I can't seem to find the answer in my head for why I am doing this for yet another day. I want somewhere to remind me that life is about living and that means mistakes, laughter, tears, birthdays, deaths, doctors, medications, exercise, housework, cooking and finding out who I really am.


  1. Yay! Welcome to the world of blogging Jess. Just so you know - you are one of the wives and mums I look up to the most. You are a wonderful person and amazing friend, and you inspire me every day to find happiness with my place in the world at the a stay at home mama. Looking forward to following your journey. x

  2. Your so good at writing Jess. You are an awesome Mum keep up the amazing work you do as a Mum and hope the uninvited guest is kicked out very soon ! xox Jules

  3. Hi Jess, you have made a wonderful start and already have an audience interested in your life and journey - your experiences are so valid and your commentary on them is insightful.

    I hope you enjoy blogging and I look forward to seeing more from you!

  4. You guys are what make's this worth coming and posting again. I know this is my journey, but to have people to share it with makes it so much more.