Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Hello my long lost friend

I have been pondering, what feels likes forever, how exactly to get back into my blog writing. How would I explain the past five months? Then I decided I just wouldn't explain. Those who know me well know enough and those here in blog land I'm sure are willing to accept the craziness of life sometimes.

Here in NZ it is the time of Feijoas! I love them and squeak seems to have taken a liking to them too. Jaybug thinks they are OK but nothing flash and Hubby will eat them occasionally, but as for Quack he has no time for them whatsoever.

So today's mission, as I have a huge bag of Feijoa's that Squeak and I cannot get through alone, is to find some baking to use them in where everyone will eat them.

I have found a few recipes I want to try but today's one is Spiced Feijoa Cake - I found the recipe here at Everybody communities.

 It's pretty simple but there are a couple of things I love about it.

 1. It has a yummy crumble like topping

2. My Tupperware Turbo chef is just perfect for chopping up the feijoas.

I will add the recipe to my baking section here if anyone would like to try it. I also have another cake and some muffins to try too. Will let you know when I get them baked.......


  1. Great to see you back in the blogging groove :)

  2. Yes Great to see you back!!!
    going to check out the feijoa recipe as we still have a stack too... and now mandarins are on the tree the feijoas are getting neglected.

  3. Glad you're back!
    What are feijoas? I'm interested.