Thursday, May 5, 2011

More Feijoa's, some knitting and crochet - all in a day.....

So today I have for you Fab Feijoa Muffins! These are so yummy that they are just about all gone. They have a yummy sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar over the top too.

To start off with though I hadn't thought about the fact that although we have Feijoas coming out our ears so of you would have no idea what they are (as Tea so kindly pointed out.
So Feijoas are a fruit that grow on trees and fall when they are ripe.

They have green skin 

 and a soft white flesh inside.

If you cant get Feijoas any of the recipes can have banana added or any other soft fruit that you may wish to use. I opted to add frozen berries to my muffins too which help add a little bit of colour and flavour.
You can find the recipe for my muffins over here.

Also a project I have been working on is a Hooded Jacket for Jaybug. I wanted to get her a bright striped jacket from somewhere like Pumpkin Patch, then I found this awesome free pattern online from Spotlight.

So I have been working on this with some awesome Moda Vera - Marvel plain 8ply yarn. I found it at our local Spotlight store for $3.99 a ball (which I thought was really reasonable for 100g ball). There is a huge range of colours too which makes it so easy to get excited. It is an acrylic yarn which I find easier to wash with the kids.

So here is the colours I have chosen

So far I have done the back, two fronts and have just about finished the first sleeve.

But today I got a bit distracted when reading PaisleyJade's post with yet another one of her awesome crochet creations. When I mentioned in the comments that I have been wanting to learn she sent me a fantastic blog link with learning to crochet a granny square (So Helen I am learning to make them!)
The link was for Meet Me at Mikes at was super easy to follow with great video instruction.

So here is my afternoons distraction:

Round 1 and 2 completed and then I thought I better get the beef casserole in the oven otherwise there would be no dinner tonight and lots of explaining to do!

 Completed 3 round granny square and even a colour change!

Sewing in all the ends

And completed granny square!

I am super excited and ready to make more. It was so much fun and heaps easier than I thought. But for now I really must get the Jacket finished for Jaybug. Granny squares awaiting may just help me get it finished super speedy!


  1. LOVE the granny squares! You are just so insanely clever! No matter how hard I try crochet is just not clicking for me...

  2. Oh and love the colours on the jacket for Jaybug...and the sound of your beef casserole! I can't be bothered today so it's toasties for tea for the spaz I am I fell over in the carpark at preschool and hurt my knee again...I miss being able to call you and confide these things in person!!! lol

  3. wow how the heck did you pick up crochet so fast!!! I tried last year and couldnt grasp the next stitch...muh

    that woollen jacket you are making looks gorgeous. clever you!!

  4. Thanks for sharing about the feijoas. They look so good the way you fixed them -Yum! And your crochet projects look great!! :)