Friday, May 6, 2011

The Joys of today

Today I had one mission and that was to get my hands on a copy of The Art Of Crochet weekly series that has just been issued here in NZ. It has been available elsewhere for quite some time but only just arrived here. I had a look online and found that it was a 120 issue (Eeeek! at $9.99 a regular issue....) to complete the weekly square to form the blanket they make. So I have decided that for $3.99 for the first copy I would take a look and see what I think before deciding whether I might buy more.

 For just $3.99 this week I have received 2 balls of yarn, a crochet hook, issue one and a starting out Dvd. Will let you know what I think once I get a chance to sit down and have a look inside.

I also managed to get my hands on a Jan 2011 Creative Keepsakes mag at our local recycled mag shop today for $2. I have in the past had wonderful Helen who has passed on her copies when she has finished reading them. But as she has excitingly moved to Aus on a new adventure I sadly have to get my own now!

Helen had some awesome pics on her post today with amazing pics of Bean in autumn leaves that made me have some fantastic scrapping ideas. I am looking forward to sitting down and getting out some things that have been away by themselves a little too long.....

I also got an amazing early Mothers Day present that Quack brought home from school for me this afternoon.

He was so proud of his very first handmade efforts

This is a picture of me out walking with the pram

Inside is a beautiful handwritten message: 
I love my Mum because she takes us for walks and she buys me puzzles. I like my Mum because she helps me do my puzzles. 
Love From Zac
(In the holidays we found on a walk our local bookstore had second-hand puzzles which we have been buying and doing together which has been lots of fun)

And inside it is filled with some of my favourite things!
Marshmallows and coconut ice - Yummmmm

Looking forward to sitting down tonight, once the kiddo's are in bed, with my new reads and some yummy treats.


  1. that crochet mag is the thing that finally made it all click for me! I bought it in Oz and had being trying so hard to learn to crochet, sat down with that and bam! I got it. Great deal for that price...I didn't buy anymore after that lol.

  2. awwwl what a sweetie!
    yes i'm keen to get my hands on that crochet package too, saw it advertised on the tele the other night

  3. Weird, I'm sure I haven't recieved that issue with my subscription! Or else I can't remember it. lol I'm itching to do some scrapbooking as well, just gotta wait for my stuff to arrive on the shipping container! How sweet is Quack's mother's day present? He is gorgeous. And coconut ice...yummmmm! What wonderful joys to, um...enjoy. This post brought such a smile to my face :)

  4. that crochet mag looks great, I have been trying to teach myself from youtube after being taught by my 83 year old aunt who we visited in Nelson for easter, so far I am making lots of long chains! and finding it all quite hard.
    Lovely to see you back in blog land :)

  5. That crochet mag looks so cool! Loving your special early Mother's Day present - very cute (and yum).