Friday, June 17, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 11

Day 11 of White Peach photo challenge. I left this one to the last light of the day. I try to remember to know a few days in advance so that I am planning things in my head and I can catch the moment of the day right. So in my madness of being unplanned I took some shots of my blue handbag - I love coloured bags and my blue on is my favourite at the moment. But as I was shooting I noticed two boys watching me both dressed in blue. And there was my perfect, unplanned, shot.

I am really enjoying this challenge and having lots of fun with it. Check out who else had the blues for day 11 over here.


  1. Naw, what a cute shot of Quack and Squeak. They are so gorgeous together, and really starting to look alike! Both future heartbreakers I think :)

  2. Beautiful picture! The best shots are those that are unplanned! :)