Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bear Ears

I found this sweet pattern online at Raverly but you can also get it from Bernat here. Squeak loves it and it fits him perfectly.

It was my second proper crochet project and I am super happy with it. I have lots planned for this pattern. I used Moda Vera Marvel Plain 8ply and a 5mm hook. The pattern is in U.S. terms but used this converter to figure it out in U.K. terms. I am starting a blue and chocolate one for a friends baby and I am going to attempt to also alter the pattern and make a straight beanie and flower.  See how I go.......

If I can make this and am a very novice crocheter anyone can!


  1. Haha, I have *just* commented on these pics on FB! Lil Z is tooooo cute :) Oh and the hat isn't bad either...xo

  2. That hat is so cute! I wonder what sizes it comes in - I might have to make that for all or some of my boys!