Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mad Hatter?

With sickness hanging around still I have had some time to sit and crochet. I love how quick crochet is compared with knitting. I think I am a little addicted.....

Here are two hats I made for little people we know this weekend.

Blue and brown bear ears made for friends little boy as we never got around to getting them a congrats baby present. Plus I think its cool to still be getting present two months later.

Modified bear ears pattern to make a straight beanie for a present for niece that was baptised on Sunday. I love this one so much I am seriously thinking of making them to sell somewhere like Felt. Just don't know if I have enough time to make enough things to add to a store? Or if my items are really up to scratch!


  1. Oh they are totally gorgeous!!!!!
    You definitely should put some on Felt!!!

  2. Beautiful! Just working on a beanie myself tonight toO!

  3. A Felt shop is an awesome idea! Good to get some extra pocket money for yourself...maybe to fund that chocolate habit? haha :P