Tuesday, June 7, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge

After some much loved pressure from dear friend Helen over at Onetrickpony I too am going to join in the 30 day photography challenge. I have always loved her eye for photo's and always want to get the amazing pics she manages to. So as she is challenging herself to white peach's 30 day photography challenge and has asked me to as well I thought what better time to learn some trick and do lots of practicing.

The challenge is meant to be the 30 days of June but I am starting today a week behind - hoping I might be able to get some inspiration off everyone who has gone before me!

Here are the guidelines:

You can also leave a comment in each day at white peach with your url for your pic for the day over here. White Peach also has a button to add to your page if you want to link as well. So if anyone else wants to join me - a week late and being able to get tips from other people - feel free to jump on board. I need more help than anyone I know so the more people I can ask for hints the better.

Here is day one:

I am hoping that this may inspire some people like me who have no idea what they are doing and see this as a great opportunity to learn.


  1. Jess you are beautiful. Love the way you aren't looking straight into the camera here. Also LOVING your blog revamp! Looks amazing! xo

  2. Hi Jess, what a good looking lady!! So excited you could join us!

  3. That's a good self portrait!

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my pictures!

  4. I love the angle of your shot! (I'm starting way behind on this challenge too)
    Tanya H