Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 Day Photography Challenge - Day 8

So now for my day 8 of the White Peach Photo challenge. I have been think about this one for a few days. How much do I expose myself or how little? So I have gone with halfway. Something that I have to have almost everyday but it doesn't tell too many secrets.

I always have a block on hand. I actually have found since changing to dark chocolate that I only need a small amount but the benefits are huge. I use it when I have a down moment or a lacking that little extra energy. I also heard recently that research had been down with links to 25g of dark chocolate - at least 70% Cocoa - and weight loss. I don't seem to have any outstanding results from this but at least it makes me feel less guilty when popping another block into my shopping cart at the groceries.

Linking in to day 8 here. So what bad habits do you all have? I'm coming to see.....


  1. yum dark chocolate is the best!
    I've actually heard of a weight loss chocolate diet, apparently Elle Mcpherson swears by it ;)

  2. dark chocolate is my weakness too! well, any chocolate is my weakness...lol.. but dark is my favorite. it must be due to all that sleep we're not getting... haha!

  3. I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't like dark chocolate! It's too bitter for me. But hey, if I ever pop by it means you won't have to share. :P

  4. Oh my delicious. Dark chocolate is my favourite! (Helen, you are crazy.) YUm!